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Sup Yoga

The practice that will lead you to a new connection with the ocean and with yourself. Forget the stress of everyday life in a Stand up Paddle, doing yoga. Yes, this is the new wellness trend that promises to dominate Portuguese beaches - be it winter or summer. Sup Yoga (Stand Up Paddle + Yoga) trains balance to regain inner calm, taking you into a state of mindfullness, of total connection with the present moment, with nature and your essence. Sup Yoga, what is this? Sup Yoga is a yoga practice adapted to the Stand up Paddle board in the aquatic environment. It can be practiced in the middle of the sea (which would be the best thing considering its incredible beneficial effects), but also in lakes and even in the swimming pool. But of course the benefits of Sup Yoga in nature are indescribable and in salt water even more so.

Lia Coldibelli, instructor and owner at Sup com Alma - Yoga and Paddle project in Cascais (Portugal), highlights the healing and restorative effects of salt water: "It's impossible not to feel good after a delicious dip in the sea, isn't it? The composition of water helps to energize our body, brings a feeling of well-being and relaxation, in addition to strengthening the immune system. Sup Yoga, benefits Sup Yoga has many benefits. Starting with deep meditation in contact with water. Then, the transformation of the body. For good balance, all the muscles will be involved (even those you don't even know exist): which means that practicing this yoga technique completely reshapes the body. For those who already practice Yoga, this is an incredible complement to improve balance and understanding of the use of the core. Improving your solo practice even more. Where to do it? Look for a certified school that provides all the security for the practice. Sup com Alma Cascais has accredited instructors in Sup, Sup Yoga and Paddle Boarding, offering a safe and complete experience. Classes cost €30, with special prices for groups.

Sup com Alma - Praia da Conceição - Cascais

+351 911 050 722

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